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Intervista Yesovens: Stefano Volpin

Intervista a Stefano Volpini

Intervista Yesovens: Stefano Volpin

Corporate chef

Introduce yourself: who is STEFANO VOLPIN?

I am a sunny-natured and happy person, that always tries to smile also in the most difficult situations. Talking with people has always been my strong point and I am constantly curious about understanding the point of view of others.

What does it mean for you to be an CORPORATE CHEF?

I want to be honest: for me to be a Corporate Chef is more than a job, it represents a professional achievement – that perfectly join my past experience as a consumer to my present – interpreting a key role for Yesovens: my support to customers is really appreciated and recognized, it is measurable and it makes me proud of my growth.

You are running into different culinary traditions in the world: are they influencing your personal view of cooking with respect to the past?

Describing in a few lines the concept is complex: to pass on my own Italian tradition to people in the faraway places of the world represents something extraordinary, only comparable to the way in which the same people are changing me: certainly, my view of cooking is influenced but it is only a small part in the process of changing.

You have to be the customer’s voice and to collect his needs in order to create technological development: tell us how this crucial phase takes place.

The Export world is accelerating, limits and distances are thinner and nowadays the term of comparison is the whole world. To stand out in such a wide panorama it is central for me to communicate the values of my company and to tell the story that stands behind the product. At the same time, it is essential to structure sales and communication through a quantitative approach but keeping in mind the general overview.

What’s your own interpretation of your company message #MAKEOPPORTUNITYYOURCHOICE?

For me it does mean to remember to the moment in which I chose to be the voice of a new story to tell, that one of the company I represent; it is an opportunity when I perceive that I have helped somebody in any part of the world; when I collaborate with a good team. I can say that I am growing first of all as a person, then professionally: this is my opportunity!