Professional combi ovens
for l’Ho.Re.Ca.

Ho.Re.Ca. ovens for restaurants, catering, rotisseries, hotels with kitchens and canteens

The professional combi ovens of the Ho.Re.Ca. Line by Yesovens are designed and manufactured for cuisine artists who are looking for an extremely versatile tool, to obtain any type of cooking, from the most traditional – steam, convection and combined – to the most extreme ones.
Suitable from small rotisseries to catering, from restaurants with 20 seats to those with hundreds of customers to serve, up to hotels and large canteens of companies, hospitals and schools.

They are the perfect solution for any type of kitchen.

Choose the technology you prefer

Touchscreen, digital or manual? One single oven or two stacked ovens?

Discover our line of professional combi ovens for Ho.Re.Ca.


MOSAICO is the professional manual combi ovenwith 7 and 11 trays for those chefs who prefer the classic settings of a traditional oven.

It is available in two versions:

  • MOSAICO Lite

MOSAICO Pro is full optional, with integrated retractable shower.

MOSAICO Lite is the simpler version, but no less performing.

In both of them it is possible to integrate specific functions, including the special SOFT-BAKING ventilation speed, perfect for slow-cooking preparations with a soft core.


Choose two from the models of the Ho.Re.Ca. Line. two EGOs or a MOOD and a MOSAICO, for example -, apply a hood and get STACKED, the Yesovens oven model able to multiply your creations in the kitchen, without taking up extra space, since you can assemble them one on top of the other, using the height you have available.

With our “double” oven model you can combine technologies – touchscreen and digital or manual – and cook the courses you need exactly in the quantities required in the dining room and in a very short time.


EGO is the professional touchscreen combi oven with 7 and 11 trays for cuisine artists.

It is available in two versions:

  • EGO Pro
  • EGO Lite

EGO Pro, created for the most demanding chefs, who want the best in technology with a full set of all available options.

EGO Lite, the oven model with simplified equipment, for those looking for a more essential tool, but without sacrificing the construction quality and solidity of the top of the range.

EGO allows you to save up to 999 recipes, cook up to 11 different dishes, load and save your favourite preparations and recall them in an instant, with a single touch on the touchscreen.


MOOD is the professional digital combi ovendwith 7 and 11 trays with multi-function digital display, which allows you to store up to 5 cooking phases for each program.

It is available in:

  • MOOD Pro
  • MOOD Lite

MOOD Pro is the complete version, for those chefs who don’t want to give up any option and aim to carry out complex cooking in a short time and in large quantities.

MOOD Lite is more essential, but guarantees the best steam, combi and convection cooking performance, achievable with all restaurant, rotisserie and canteen ovens by Yesovens.

Monitoring cooking is always easy with our professional ovens: with just one touch, by simply turning a knob or quickly pressing a button at the right time, the dish is ready, perfectly crunchy and delicious.

We put technology applied to cuisine, you put art

Versatile and available in three different models – EGO touchscreen, MOOD digital and MOSAICO manual -, our ovens for Ho.Re.Ca. satisfy the needs of those chefs who love daring and who require only the latest technologies, and the needs of those cooks who do not want to give up the physical control of their appliance.

For those looking for a solution able to multiply possibilities by optimizing the available space, there is STACKED: the model with two superimposed ovens by Yesovens, to be chosen from those of the Ho.Re.Ca. Line.

The features of our range of combi ovens for Ho.Re.Ca.


Is the complete range of professional combi ovens for cuisine artists.

Easy to use, wash and maintain over time, all the ovens of this line are designed to last a long time, they are made exclusively of top-quality stainless steel and designed to reduce costs and consumption.

Our combi ovens for restaurants, rotisseries and canteens are designed according to the most modern technologies and made of steel, a resistant and long-lasting material: such features make all the products of the Yesovens range powerful and versatile.

With utmost attention paid to detail and characterized by an essential and avant-garde design , our ovens for Ho.Re.Ca. perfectly adapt to the set-up of small and large professional kitchens.

Our ovens are precise to guarantee flawless cooking quality, regardless of the dish you want to prepare: from classic roasts to the most difficult recipes, you can rely on our combi ovens.

They have intuitive settings so that you can quickly check their functioning at any time.

We design tools that help you reduce consumption, costs and waste. The cooking chamber of all professional ovens in our range is entirely washable, so that you may rest assured that compliance with health regulations is guaranteed.

Maintenance is simple, because the motor compartment is located in an easily-accessible area.

We manufacture our professional combi ovens in Italy, in our headquarters in Borgoricco, in the province of Padua.

The production is entirely Italian and therefore the spare parts of our ovens are easily available in a short time.
Thanks to simple maintenance, spare part availability and the production completely internal to our factory, the combi ovens by Yesovens boast really affordable operating costs, to give you a very good quality / price ratio that can be easily amortized over time.

Choose the Yesovens oven that best suits your needs

Together with our local partners, we will guide you in your choice of the most suitable professional combi oven for you. Contact us for more information.