corsi di specializzazione sull’uso e la manutenzione
corsi di specializzazione sull’uso e la manutenzione

Corsi di formazione yesovens

specialization on use and maintenance

How to use our professional ovens ?

In Yesovens we design and manufacture professional combi ovensfor the Ho.Re.Ca. industry, pastry shops and bakeries. They are made of top-quality stainless steel and are designed to reduce boh costs and consumption.

Our ovens can be customized with several options,so as to obtain solid and reliable products, which are also easy to use and designed to last for a long time
. We periodically organizespecialization courseson the use and maintenance of Yesovens products,dedicated to our partner distributors.

Yesovens courses are exclusively reserved for our partner distributors


Yesovens is the right partner for professional kitchen equipment distributors that require products of high technological and construction quality which are designed to reduce consumption, guarantee flexibility and reliability over time.
We want to enhance the work and role of our distributors towards their customers and, for this reason, we organize specialization courses – which are held online and in person – on the use, maintenance and repair of our ovensYesovens.

The courses areexclusively dedicated to our partner distributors and are focused on the following aspects:
  • how to use our professional ovens
  • how to do installation
  • how to do maintenance
  • how to repair and replace components
  • how to manage software updates of Yesovens touchscreen ovens (EGO and STAR models)

Are you a distributor for Yesovens?

Here’s when, how and where to attend the courses we have organized for you.

Our courses are held both online and in person, in English language and last an average of 2 hours per session or topic dealt with.

You will be followed by our tutors, who are expert and trained technicians.

At the end of each course, participants will receive a certificate of distribution and / or technical maintenance of Yesovens professional ovens.


We develop two types of courses

Service Courses

These are the courses dedicated to the assistance service of our partner distributors.

They include training and updating on:

  • Installation and requirements to be observed
  • Oven cleaning and routine maintenance
  • Repair and fault management
  • Software updates of our touchscreen models: STAR for the Arte Bianca Line and EGO for the Special Line and HO.RE.CA Line.

Corporate Chef Courses

These are the courses dedicated to the Corporate Chefs of our partner distributors, with whom we analyze the use of Yesovens professional ovens and we especially focus on:
  • Features and settings
  • Cooking
  • Humidity
  • Options and special solutions


Dedicated assistance for our local distributors

We are present in the main markets of South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe where important operators in this industry have already trusted us. We also cover the markets of North and South Africa, along with the main countries of Latin America.

We establish a lasting relationship with our partners based on transparency, listening, customization and protection. In addition to ad hoc training courses for service and Corporate Chefs, we provide our distributors withconstant and cutomized assistance service, we listen to their requests and look for solutions that are able to enhance their work.

Do you want to be a Yesovens distributor?

Find out how we can work together.