Yesovens Distributors
Yesovens Distributors

More than just a supplier

Professional ovens

Not just a supplier, but a reliable partner on the global market

In Yesovens we design and manufacture professional combi ovens for Ho.Re.Ca., bakeries and pastry shops.
We export all over the world, thanks to our local partners, selected from the professional kitchen equipment distributors who are most attentive to the quality, design and reliability of the solutions proposed.

We are present in the main markets of South-East Asia, Middle East and Europe, where important operators in this industry have already trusted us. We also cover the markets of North and South Africa as well as the main countries of Latin America.

Yesovens is not for everyone

Yesovens is the right partner for kitchen equipment distributors looking for a transparent and lasting collaboration   over time

Yesovens is guarantee and reliability

It is the right partner for those who are not satisfied with offering standard solutions to their customers and believe that technological and construction quality, flexibility, consumption reduction and reliability over time are crucial factors for the satisfaction of those who give their best in the kitchen: chefs, master bakers, pastry chefs.

It is the right partner for those distributors who know how to enhance the products they have selected , since they believe in the solution chosen and want to rest assured that they can propose it with serenity to their customers.
No bad surprises, only long-lasting, efficient and quality products.

Transparency, loyalty  and respect


In Yesovens we respect the role of distributors. They indeed really make the difference with customers, and thanks to their work of selection, presentation and loyalty they are able to win over even the most demanding cuisine artists.

Their listening and problem solving skills are essential, that’s why those who have already chosen our solutions renew their trust in us over time.
Loyalty and transparency towards our distributors are a natural consequence of the recognition of their decisive role on the market.



Valorisation, listening and understanding


We know that capable distributors invest in advance to propose new solutions. They invest in research, selection and promotion. They are the face of our company and are always on the front line.
For this reason, in Yesovens we don’t just send a catalogue, but we listen to the requests of our partner distributors, we look for ad hoc solutions, to enhance their work and their role towards the customers.

We do this by creating professional private label (OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer) ovens for third parties, which our partners can propose as their own, thus strengthening their brand on the local market.



Protection and long-lasting collaboration


In Yesovens we only look for distributors on the territory and we guarantee their protection.

This means that we protect them in the geographic area served and we will never offer our professional ovens to a close competitor.

We believe in lasting collaboration, fairness and mutual respect between business partners: such values are built day by day, through facts.



Training and assistance

Not just production

In Yesovens we make sure that our partner distributors and their Corporate Chefs have all the information they need to present our combi ovens to the customers who are going to buy them.

This is why we periodically organize courses on the use and maintenance of Yesovens professional ovens, dedicated to the service of our local distributors and the cooks they collaborate with.



A complete range of professional combi ovens for cuisine artists

To the distributors who choose us, we above all guarantee reliability and performance of a complete range of professional combi ovens, since even the best collaboration cannot last, if the product is not excellent.
This is why every day we are committed to guaranteeing:

We make our ovens exclusively by using steel, so that they are solid and can last over time. We design them according to the most modern technologies, with an essential and avant-garde design.

We take care of every slightest detail, since we know that, for cuisine artists, an oven is not just a simple tool. It is the heart of their art.

A solid and long-lasting oven is also a powerful oven, to satisfy both those looking for an always reliable solution and those who are not afraid of daring.

We design products that can adapt to very different production needs: from the large canteen kitchens, which produce hundreds of meals a day, to those chefs who need to make every type of cooking, from the most traditional to the most extreme and refined one.

Green Heart, ecological heart. This is how we wish to define our combi ovens, since we have chosen to design tools that are also an aid in limiting consumption and therefore useful for reducing costs and energy waste in small and large professional kitchens.

Yesovens combi ovens adapt to the habits of cooks, because they are available in touchscreen, digital and manual versions. They have intuitive settings and are simple to use.

The cooking chamber is completely washable, down to the smallest piece, to ensure compliance with health regulations. Maintenance is simple, because the motor compartment is located in an easily-accessible area.

Every single oven by Yesovens is born and manufactured in our headquarters in Borgoricco, in the province of Padua. The production is 100% Made in Italy and for this reason the spare parts of our professional combi ovens are easily available in a short time.

Easy maintenance, quick spare part availability and 100% Made in Italy production are the three features that make Yesovens professional ovens cost-effective over time, since they reduce the running costs of kitchens, bakeries and pastry shops.

Professional ovens

Three technologies and three product lines to satisfy every need

We design professional combi ovens that meet the habits and needs of chefs, bakers and pastry chefs.

We have developed three product lines: one dedicated to the world of Ho.Re.Ca., one to the world of bakery and pastry, and one that meets the needs of those who work in very small spaces or, on the contrary, those who need to serve hundreds of meals every day in a short time.

For each line we offer three different technologies, to meet the demands of those who require only high-end touchscreen ovens and those who prefer a more essential oven, with digital or manual.

The different models can be combined together in the STACKED option.



Our line of double ovens: two Yesovens ovens assembled on top of each other and topped by a single extractor hood, to optimize space, calibrate production based on the orders of the day and reduce consumption.

Yesovens Lines

Ho.Re.Ca. LINE

This line of Yesovens combi ovens is perfect for both small rotisseries and large company canteens.

It includes EGO touchscreen, MOOD digital, MOSAICO manual and STACKED, the tower model with two superimposed ovens designed for Ho.Re.Ca.


The line of Yesovens combi ovens for bakers and pastry chefs: from small bakeries to large-scale distribution bakery departments.

It includes STAR touchscreen, TAOS digital, KARMA manual and the STACKED double oven model for the Art of Baking.


It brings together the two opposites by Yesovens: EGO Slim and EGO Rack.

Slim is the extremely small oven for small spaces, such as food truck and kitchens in small restaurants, and Rack is the extra-large oven that meets the production and time needs of large kitchens in canteens and supermarkets.

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