Professional combi ovens
for catering, pastry and baking

essential X, combi-oven for real and Arte Bianca professionals

Yesovens essential X professional combi ovens are designed and manufactured for kitchen artists, master bakers, bakers and pastry chefs.

Intuitive and versatile professional ovens that make all types of cooking accessible: steam, convection and combi.
Suitable for ambivalent use to meet the demands of any professional,
from a restaurant with 20 covers to one with hundreds of customers to serve, from small pastry shops to the bakery departments of large retailers, all at a very affordable price!

The Indispensable Tool for Kitchen Artists

Monitoring cooking with our professional ovens is always easy: a turn of the knob at the right moment and the dish is ready, perfectly crispy and delicious

Maximum cooking control

I nostri forni essential X accontentano le esigenze dei professionisti che non vogliono rinunciare al controllo fisico dello strumento.

Thanks to the essential X ovens, ideal for catering, baking and confectionery, it will be easy to achieve perfect fragrances, flawless leavening and fluffy doughs.

Essential X Line

It is the complete range of professional combi ovens for Kitchen Artists

Easy to wash, maintain and use, all the ovens in this range are designed to last a long time, are made exclusively of the highest quality stainless steel and are designed to keep costs and consumption down.

Our combi ovens for restaurants, rotisseries and canteens are designed according to the most modern technologies and made of steel, a resistant and long-lasting material: such features make all the products of the Yesovens range powerful and versatile.

Attention to detail and characterised by an essential, state-of-the-art design, our Essential X ovens are perfectly suited to the equipment of small and large professional kitchens.

Our ovens are precise to guarantee flawless cooking quality, regardless of the dish you want to prepare: from classic roasts to the most difficult recipes, you can rely on our combi ovens.

They have intuitive settings so that you can quickly check their functioning at any time.

We design tools that help you reduce consumption, costs and waste. The cooking chamber of all professional ovens in our range is entirely washable, so that you may rest assured that compliance with health regulations is guaranteed.

Maintenance is simple, because the motor compartment is located in an easily-accessible area.

We manufacture our professional combi ovens in Italy, in our headquarters in Borgoricco, in the province of Padua.

The production is entirely Italian and therefore the spare parts of our ovens are easily availablein a short time.
Thanks to simple maintenance, spare part availability and the production completely internal to our factory, the combi ovens by Yesovens boast really affordable operating costs, to give you a very good quality / price ratio that can be easily amortized over time.

Essential Professional Ovens: Compact, Versatile and Performing for Small Businesses

The Essential professional 4-baking tray 600×400 ovens are available in both digital and electromechanical versions, offering flexibility and ease of use for every need.

Perfect for small businesses and manufacturing operations, these ovens are the ideal solution for those who need to cook a wide range of products quickly and easily. Whether baking pre-baked frozen croissants, pre-baked frozen bread or reheating various foods, Essential ovens guarantee excellent and uniform results. With their reliability and versatility, they are the perfect ally for optimising production without compromising on quality

The professional small business oven ideal for fast and versatile cooking
essential 4 trays oven

Certified Health & Safety

Essential ovens conform to HACCP standards, which certify compliance with food safety requirements, and are extremely easy to sanitise.

The double glass door with high thermal insulation and provided with a safety fanstop system and easily inspected, as well as the rear engine compartment: features that make operation, testing and repairs safer. The cooling fan protects the oven components during operation.

Made in Italy quality and customisation

Essential design in the service of efficiencyis the founding concept that led to the creation of the Essential, the professional electric oven from Yesovens that concentrates functionality and aesthetics in a tool suitable for small production activities.

The handle is ergonomic and light, specially designed for easy opening and closing of the door; while the 430 stainless steel cooking chamber is designed to withstand prolonged use, always at maximum performance with minimum consumption.

The possible reversibility of the door allows for placement changes, so you don’t have to worry about deciding the layout of your oven in advance.

In case of replacements, spare parts are extremely easy to find, because Yesovens ovens are 100% Made in Italy

Choose the Yesovens oven best suited to your needs

Together with our local partners, we will guide you in your choice of the most suitable professional combi oven for you. Contact us for more information.