Yesovens company
Yesovens company

Every kitchen is home to an artist at work


The art of heat

Every day, millions of ovens are lit around the world.

In front of each of them, surrounded by heat and confusion, there is an artist at work. From the simplest recipe to the most refined food experience, their mission is not only to give food, but also to satisfy the desire for beauty and pleasure that is within all of us.

Yesovens stands by cuisine artists’ side to make the most ambitious dishes possible, by designing and manufacturing efficient, easy-to-use and reliable professional combi ovens.

Our mission: turning the most sophisticated technology into a tool for contemporary cuisine art.

The strength of a professional team

Yesovens was born in Borgoricco, near Padua, in 2015.
Our team is made up of professionals with solid experience in the world
of industry and restaurants.

We design and manufacture every single oven in our factories and export all over the world, thanks to a solid and reliable local and international distributor network, selected for their care for performance, design and reliability.


Balance and know-how

These are the features that have always distinguished Yesovens.

Our ovens are made with heart and ingenuity, are designed with care and are conceived for all professionals looking for top performance and reliability, combined with a simple and innovative system.

We work bearing in mind contemporary technologies, thus providing an essential and avant-garde design, along with utmost attention to every smallest detail.

Our products are designed for those who consider an oven not just as a simple tool, but the heart of cuisine.

The heart of art

Three technologies and three product lines for the artists of taste

Method, imagination and skill

Cuisine art rises from the ability of smartly combining tradition and experimentation with solid habits and new working techniques. It is a changing balance, which requires method, imagination and skill, in order to guarantee excellence in every tasting.

This is the reason why we create professional combi ovens that enhance the work of those professionals who require only the latest-generation touchscreen technology and also of those who prefer a more traditional, digital or manual.

For them we have created three lines that satisfy the specific requests of the restaurant, pastry and bakery world.

From small rotisseries to restaurants, from catering to canteens.

Ho.Re.Ca. is the line of combi ovens for those chefs who are looking for an extremely versatile tool to carry out any type of cooking, from the most traditional to the most extreme and elaborated one.

Three different models – EGO touchscreen, digital MOOD, manual MOSAICO – for a range of ovens that are easy to use, equipped with intuitive settings and aiming at reducing time and costs.

From bakeries to pastry shops, from gourmet pizzerias to large-scale distribution bakery departments

Arte Bianca is the bakery and pastry oven line dedicated to bakers and pastry chefs who are looking for an extremely precise tool that guarantees meticulous leavening and temperature control.

Entirely customizable phases and homogeneous cooking are the main features of the Arte Bianca Line, available in three models: STAR touchscreen, digital TAOS, manual KARMA.

From food trucks to large kitchens of canteens and supermarkets

Very small and very large ovens. These are the two opposites of the Yesovens range, belonging to the Special Line, designed for the special needs of those who work in very small spaces, such as the kitchens of big cities and food trucks, and for those who, on the contrary, work in large spaces and serve hundreds of meals a day in a very short time. 

Yesovens is the line of professional combi ovens dedicated to:

The most demanding and
courageous chefs

They are the true cuisine artists.

Those who experiment, innovate, dare.

They are very rigorous – in technology, timing, total control of the cooking process – and they want to be free to change their mind at any time: the final touch by the Masterchef who knows exactly how to take a technique to its extreme level to churn out a perfect dish.

Pastry chefs, master bakers, rigorous and creative bakers

They are the Masters of the Art of Baking.
They know techniques handed down over the centuries, the most recent innovations, the most complex raw materials.
They make sure every single detail is perfect.
Their standard is uncompromising excellence: unique scent, flawless taste in every bite, again and again.

Maîtres, Restaurant Managers and dining room staff

Yesovens is dedicated to those professionals who like challeges.
It is for those who accept and welcome praise, opinions, sometimes criticisms by their customers.
Our ovens are also for them, who must respect tight deadlines, present the chef’s creations, enhance their strengths.
We work so that they can do it with the confidence of offering perfect dishes, at the right time, always.

Distributors and Corporate Chefs who always want more

Yesovens is for those who seek and select the best products for catering, pastry and bakery everyday.
It is for those who want to offer their customers long-lasting, flexible, sustainable and customized fittings.
Professionals looking for transparent and reliable partners, who offer innovative and elegant solutions, under their own brand or creating professional private label ovens for third parties (OEM, Original Equipment Manufaturer).
For them, Yesovens is more than just a supplier, but a true commercial partner on the global market.

Choose the Yesovens oven that best suits you

Together with our local partners, we will guide you in your choice of the most suitable professional combi oven for you. 

Contact us for more information.