EGO Slim 2/3

Compact touchscreen oven for professional kitchens with limited space

The combi-oven EGO Slim 2/3 combines innovation and compactness, ideal for small spaces without sacrificing quality.

With adjustable temperatures from 30°C to 280°C and flexible cooking modes, it offers special cycles to enhance culinary creativity.

Available in 5 GN2/3 trays configuration and equipped with FastSteam and Fast Chimney System(FCS)  technology for precise steam and humidity control. The 10″ touchscreen simplifies recipe management and allows the saving of 999 recipes and 10 cooking steps. The robust, watertight 304 stainless steel cooking chamber and good energy performance guarantee durability, ease of cleaning and efficiency, complemented by an automatic washing system.

Forno professionale EGO GN2/3
EGO Slim 2/3 by Yesovens is the ideal solution for the professional kitchen with limited space. Technology, compactness and energy savings

Data Sheets and Manuals

  • Convection, combi and steam cooking, with fixed timed or with core probe function
  • Temperature settable from 30°C to 280°C
  • Manual, programmed and/or automatic cooking mode
  • Manual and / or automatic pre-heating mode settable up to 300°
  • Special cycles: Delta T cooking, Time's up for synchronized cooking, Cook & Go for simultaneous cooking, rapid cooking chamber cool-down, regeneration and leavening
  • Manual humidity supply function
  • FastSteam technology for immediate steam generation
  • Programmable FCS (Fast Chimney System) technology for the forced extraction of humidity
  • Automatic SCS (Smart Chimney System) technology for the forced extraction of humidity
  • Adjustable fan speeds with automatic direction reversal
  • Cookbook for saving recipes to customisable folders
  • Possibility to save up to 10 cooking phases per program
  • Click & Share function for saving recipes with your cover image
  • 10” multilingual touchscreen display
  • USB interface for data uploading and downloading (including HACCP data)
  • Alarm display with autodiagnosis system
  • 304 stainless steel molded cooking chamber
  • 304 stainless steel control panel
  • Oven frontal structure with screwless system
  • Simply-removable control panel
  • Simply-approachable motor compartment
  • Integrated humidity collector aisle
  • Multi-point core probe with external link to the cooking chamber
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Stackable kit configuration
  • Tray holder with simply-removable structure
  • Ergonomic and lightweight handle structure compliant with HACCP standards
  • Double glass door with high thermal insulation and easy inspection with safety fanstop system when the door is open
  • Led lighting in door
  • Automatic oven cleaning with YesClean mono-component

Special, even in cooking

The EGO Slim 2/3 from Yesovens’ Special Line stands out for its performance and versatility in confined spaces. Designed to meet the demands of out-of-the-ordinary performance, it offers advanced modes such as Delta T cooking. Thanks to its multi-point temperature sensing probe, the oven maintains a constant temperature difference between the chamber and the food, ideal for excellent results in roasting, braising, boiling and smoking.

With the special Time’s up cycle, the EGO Slim 2/3 enables synchronised cooking on several trays with different times. The Cook&Go function optimises simultaneous preparations, increasing menu items and avoiding energy wastage. Perfect for even the most demanding leavening, with its 5 GN2/3 trays, it is ideal for foodtrucks and high-end roadside catering.

To cope with peaks in attendance, the Cook&Chill process of the EGO Slim 2/3 oven facilitates the chilling of dishes and their subsequent regeneration through rapid cooling. With the possibility of setting all types of cooking, including classic convection, steam and mixed, manually, in programmed and/or automatic mode, the EGO Slim 2/3 is synonymous with mastery even in street-food.



Easily accessible efficiency and customisation

When space is limited and time is of the essence, the EGO Slim 2/3 proves to be the ideal tool: simple to use and extremely efficient. Its 10-inch touchscreen display precisely meets these needs, offering an intuitive and customisable interface.

Thanks to the suggestions in the YESRECIPES recipe book, already pre-loaded and categorised, or the MYCOOKBOOK section, you can create your own recipes to best express your creativity in the kitchen. With the Click&Share function, it is easy to save and share your preparations, customising them with your cover image.

For each programme, the EGO Slim 2/3 allows you to store up to 10 cooking steps, which can be easily recalled at the right time with a single click. Also designed for multi-ethnic environments, its multi-language selector guarantees the inclusiveness of all operators, making the EGO Slim 2/3 an indispensable ally for every professional in the kitchen.



Climate and consumption control

Achieving the perfect crispness, fragrance or fluffiness is what distinguishes an excellent dish from a stellar creation. The EGO Slim 2/3 facilitates the control of inlet and outlet humidity by means of advanced functions: manual dispensing, programmable forced removal FCS (Fast Chimney System), automatic forced removal SCS (Smart Chimney System).

and design

High-quality components with strong materials and 100% Made in Italy make the EGO Slim 2/3 robust and durable, perfect for extended use and easy to maintain. In the event of replacement needs, there will be no long waits, as all spare parts are manufactured entirely in Italy.

Here are some examples: the AISI 304 cooking chamber, the oven structure with screwless system and the double-glazed door with high thermal insulation and fanstop system on opening.

Compliance with HACCP standards is ensured by the ergonomic, lightweight handle, designed for easy opening and closing and to prevent the growth of bacteria. All data, including food safety data, can be easily uploaded and downloaded thanks to the USB interface.

At the end of the operation, automatic washing with YesClean mono-component restores optimal cleaning conditions, allowing you to start the next day with a perfectly clean oven ready for new preparations.

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