Ovens for extra-small and
extra-large professional kitchens

Professional ovens for all sizes: from food truck kitchens to large canteens

The Special Line by Yesovens is the range of professional ovens for very small and very large kitchens, designed to adapt to the space requirements of those who work in very small environments – such as food trucks, rotisserie kitchens and small restaurants in large cities – and for those who, on the contrary, work in large spaces and serve hundreds of meals a day in a very short time: canteens of hospitals, schools, companies and the large kitchens of supermarkets.
Our line of special ovens offers two models, both with touchscreen settings and three types of cooking: steam, convection and combined. They boast all the technology of Yesovens professional ovens, to give you maximum flexibility in quantity, preparations and time, because they are designed to adapt to any working condition.

The Special Line products are extremely precise to give you maximum flexibility, easy to use to renew the pleasure of tasting your most loved recipes in every bite, robust and elegant since your kitchen must not be only good, but also beautiful.

Our ovens and our technology are at the service of your Art.

Touchscreen combi ovens for artists of small and large professional kitchens

The Special Line brings together the two opposites by Yesovens: EGO Slim and EGO Rack.
Slim is the extremely compact 6-tray touchscreen combi oven, perfect for small professional kitchens.
Rack is the extra-large oven with 16 and 20 trays, which satisfies the production and time needs of large collective catering.

Creative menus, excellent taste, for a few diners or for hundreds of people: the performance of our combi ovens is always the same.
Just one touch on the display is enough to re-propose, every time, the same flawless quality.

The features of our professional ovens for mini and extra-large kitchens


Special by Yesovens is the line of professional ovens for cuisine artists looking for a specific solution to their space and production needs. It includes ovens made of the best quality stainless steel, designed to last for a long time and to reduce the costs and consumption of your professional kitchen, whether it is very small or very large. All models and variants of the Special Line have a touchscreen display, are easy to maintain, wash and use.

Like all the ovens by Yesovens, the products of the Special Line are also powerful and robust, since they are made of stainless steel, using the most modern technologies. Paying attention to the smallest details, their design adapts to minimal and extra-large spaces, in perfect harmony with the chosen settings: an important detail, especially when the kitchen is open.

The professional ovens of the Special Line are extremely precise, regardless of the number of people to be served: whether they are 20 or hundreds, the cooking quality is flawless. The settings of all Yesovens products are intuitive and our ovens are easy to use, to quickly serve the dishes most loved by your customers or to prepare diversified and balanced menus for schools, companies and hospitals.

Like all Yesovens products, even the mini and extra-large models of the Special Line are designed and built to reduce consumption, costs and waste. Their cooking chamber is completely washable to comply with the strictest health regulations.
Their maintenance is simple, because the motor compartment is located in an easily-accessible area.

All professional kitchen ovens by Yesovens are designed and manufactured in our headquarters in Borgoricco, in the province of Padua.
They are 100% Made in Italy and for this reason spare parts are easily available in a short time.
hey have affordable running costs, thanks to very simple maintenance, spare part availability and Italian production. Therefore our ovens guarantee excellent performance, with a very good quality / price ratio that can be amortized over time.

Mini or extra-large: choose from EGO Slim and EGO Rack

The Special line products are developed for those looking for a reliable tool with uncompromising cooking performance, regardless of the kitchen size and the quantities to be served.

The innovative functions allow a real climatic measurement in cooking, anticipating unnecessary energy waste.

The great ease of use, along with the multiple special cycles, turn our products into a highly profitable investment solution.

EGO Rack

EGO Rack is the professional extra-large oven with 16 and 20 trays and touchscreen technology for the kitchens of large supermarkets and canteens that serve hundreds of meals a day.

It is available in three versions:

  • EGO Rack Pro
  • EGO Rack Lite
  • EGO Rack Classic

EGO Pro is the top of the range of our Special Line, designed for those looking for a full-optional touchscreen combi oven.

EGO Classic and EGO Lite are the more essential versions of our extra-large model, for those looking for a simpler oven though with excellent performance, made with the same construction quality and solidity as the top of the range.

EGO Slim

EGO Slim is our professional 6-tray oven for small kitchens.

It has a very easy-to-use touchscreen display and is available in two versions:

  • EGO Slim Pro
  • EGO Slim Lite

EGO Slim Pro is the most complete one, for those who want a combi oven with all the options, even if they have little work space available.

EGO Slim Lite is the version for those looking for an essential model, but without sacrificing the performance of the full optional version.

Choose the Yesovens oven that best suits your needs

Together with our local partners, we will guide you in your choice of the most suitable professional combi oven for you. Contact us for more information.