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Professional pastry and
bakery ovens

Ovens for the Art of Baking: bakeries, pizzerias, pastry shops, bakery departments of large supermarkets

Theprofessional combi pastry and bakery ovensof the Arte Bianca Line by Yesovens are designed and built for master bakers, pizza makers, bread makers and pastry chefs who are looking for an extremely precise tool, which guarantees meticulous control of leavening and temperatures.
Our professional ovens are the perfect solution for every need: from small ovens to pizzerias, from pastry shops to the bakery department of large distribution chains.

Three types of cooking – steam, convection and combined – to churn out masterpieces of taste in every bite.

Three technologies and four models to choose from

The technological innovation of the Arte Bianca Line makes cooking a unique and customizable experience down to the smallest detail and in every single phase, while ensuring uncompromising homogeneous baking, which is important for baked goods.

Choose from three technologies– touchscreen, digital or manual – and from one single oven or the “double”oven version of our line of professional bakery and pastry ovens:


STAR s the professional touchscreen oven with 6 and 10 trays or the Masters of the Art of Baking.

It is available in two versions:

  • STAR Pro
  • STAR Lite

STAR Pro is the top of the range designed for pastry chefs, bakers and bread makers who do not want to give up touchscreen technology and complete equipment.

PRO Lite Lite is for those who prefer a more essential oven, with simplified equipment, which however guarantees the construction quality and solidity of the top of the range.


TAOS is the professional digital combi ovenwith 6 and 10 trays provided with multi-function digital display, which allows you to store up to 5 cooking phases for each program.

This model is also available in the version:

  • TAOS Pro
  • TAOS Lite

TAOS Pro is the most complete, for those looking for a digital combi oven with all the options in our range for the Art of Baking.

While, Lite is the version for those looking for a functional model, but without sacrificing the performance of the full optional version.


KARMA is the professional manual combi ovenwith 6 and 10 trays for bakers, pizza makers and pastry chefs who love doing things as they once were..

Setteble with knobs, it is available in the versions:

  • Full optional KARMA Pro
  • Simplified KARMA Lite version.

    Both versions can be configured with additional options at the order placement, such as the tray holder with simply-removable structure or the showers to wash the oven.


Choose two from the models of the Arte Bianca Line – for example, two STARs or two TAOS -, apply a hood and get STACKED, the Yesovens model that multiplies the creations of your laboratory, without taking up extra space, because you can assemble the ovens one on top the other, taking advantage of the height you have available.

With our “double” oven model you can combine technologies – touchscreen and digital or manual – and bake bread, pizzas, biscuits, cakes and pastries by adapting time, types of cooking, temperature and quantity to the demands of the day.

Perfect fragrance, flawless leavening, meticulous cooking control: with our professional pastry and bakery ovens everything is simple.

We put technology, you put the artist’s touch.

We give you technology, you put the art of turning flour into a masterpiece

Our professional ovens for the Art of Baking are available in three different models – STAR touchscreen, digital TAOS and manual KARMA – to satisfy both the Masters who require only the most modern technologies in their laboratory, and those who prefer a traditional instrument – digital or manual – without sacrificing the quality performance, consumption reduction and functionality offered by the touchscreen model.

For those looking for a solution able to multiply possibilities, optimizing the available space, there is STACKED: the double oven model with two stacked ovens by Yesovens, to be chosen from those of the Arte Bianca Line.

The features of our range of combi pastry and bakery


by Yesovens is the line of professional combi ovens for bakery and pastry masters: our tools are designed to be long-lasting, since they are made of the best quality stainless steel and designed to reduce both costs and consumption, adapting to the size of the laboratory where they are placed and to the type of preparation to be made.

Whether it is a small oven, a pizzeria, a pastry shop or the large bakery department of supermarkets, our ovens are easy to wash, use and maintain over time.

We design powerful and solid pastry and bakery ovens, because they are made of steel, using the most modern technologies. Each oven we produce is cared for down to the smallest detail. The attention we pay in devising even the smallest detail is the same as you pay when you make sure that nothing is out of place, from the grain of sugar to the crunchiness of the pasta. The design of Yesovens ovens is essential and avant-garde in order to be in harmony with your laboratory and with the fittings you have chosen.

The ovens of our Arte Bianca Line are extremely precise.
In baking and pastry making, there is no room for mistakes: our tools guarantee
flawless cooking quality, without sacrificing ease of use.
We have designed
intuitive settings so that you can check and manage their functioning in no time and add your own personal touch to each preparation.

Yesovens professional ovens are designed and built to limit consumption, reduce costs and waste.
cooking chamber is completely washable so that you may rest assured that compliance with health regulations is guaranteed. Maintenance is easy, since the motor compartment is located in an easily-accessible area.

The combi bakery and pastry ovens are made, one by one, in Yesovens headquarters, located in Borgoricco, in the province of Padua. Therefore they are 100% Made in Italy tools and that’s why the spare parts of our ovens are easily available in a short time. What about their running costs? They are really affordable, thanks to very simple maintenance, spare part availability and made in Italy production. In this way, we can create performing solutions, with a very good quality / price ratio which can be easily amortized over time.

Choose the Yesovens oven that best suits your needs

Together with our local partners, we will guide you in your choice of the most suitable professional combi oven for you. Contact us for more information.