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functionality and design
functionality and design

Yesovens professional electric ovens

“The beauty of the cosmos is given not only by unity in variety, but also by variety in unity.”

Umberto Eco

The combination of functionality and design for Ho.Re.Ca., pastry and bakery

professional electric oven is the heart of every kitchen and laboratory.

Yesovens is well aware of the importance of having a reliable work tool, designed to meet specific needs.
We have designed and manufactured our oven lines thinking of you: whether you cook for a 200-seat restaurant, or expertly knead bread and focaccia, or again prepare tasty street food.
And also thinking of all other culinary professionals, always looking for the perfect balance between technology, reliability and precision.

Our ovens for Ho.Re.Ca., bakeries and pastry shops, canteen kitchensand supermarkets are entirely made in Italy and guarantee you:


Professional combi ovens for Ho.Re.Ca.

For catering, rotisseries, restaurants, hotels, company canteens, the line of professional combi ovens for Ho.Re.Ca. includes three models EGO, MOOD and MOSAICO – and STACKEDdouble oven, a solution that combines two stacked ovens of your choice.

EGO, MOOD e MOSAICO are available in the 7 and 11 tray versions, in the Pro and Lite models, with full equipment or in a simpler version. Touchscreen, digital, manual: choose your style!


Save your favourite recipes, set up to 10 cooking phases per program, control time, humidity, ventilation in real time: just one touch on the multilingual touchscreen display and EGO combi oven will cook your best dishes.


With MOOD, the digital professional electric oven, you can save 99 recipes and 5 phases for each cooking program.

Choose the cooking mode, set the ventilation speed and modify the cooking parameters even when the cycle has already started.


Intuitive and easy to use, MOSAICO is the professional electric oven with manual settings thatallows you to perfect every aspect of cooking: you can adjust the chimney opening, duration, temperature and percentage of humidity.


Two ovens to choose from among those of the Ho.Re.Ca. Line, combined on top of each other: with STACKED “tower” you can optimize space and cook twice as many dishes, in half the time.


Professional pastry and bakery ovens

The Arte Bianca Line by Yesovens includes professional combi ovens for pastry shops and bakeries. STAR, TAOS e KARMA ensure meticulous control of leavening and temperature.
doble oven” STACKED combines two stacked ovens of your choice.
STAR, TAOS and KARMA are available
in the 6 and 10 tray versions, in the Pro e Lite models, including full equipment or in a simpler version. Touchscreen, digital, manual: it’s up to you!

Arte Bianca Products


Temperature settable from 30°C to 280°C, manual, programmed or automatic setting, convection, combined and steam cooking: this is STAR, the touchscreen oven for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias. .


Bake pizzas, cakes, biscuits while always keeping temperature, ventilation and humidity under
control. You can save up to 5 phases per program and generate immediate steam thanks to
the FastSteam technology. With TAOS, the professional digital combi oven, every recipe
will be fragrant and tasty.


Manual settings, combi, convection, steam cooking, possibility of additional SOFT-BAKING ventilation to control slow leavening: this is KARMA, the professional mechanical combi oven.


Two ovens to choose from among those of the Arte Bianca Line, combined on top of each other: with “doble oven” STACKED you can optimize space and cook twice as many dishes, in half the time.


Touchscreen combi ovens for professional kitchens of all sizes

Professional ovens for small or very large kitchens: the Special Line by Yesovens is a range designed and built for those who work in food trucks, rotisserie kitchens, hospital canteens and large supermarket kitchens.

It includes the EGO Slim and EGO Rackmodels, both with touchscreen settings.. The former is a very small oven with 6 trays, the latter is an extra-large oven with 16 and 20 trays, perfect for large collective catering.

Choose the Yesovens oven that best suits your needs

Together with our local partners, we will guide you in your choice of the most suitable professional electric oven for you. Contact us for more information.

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