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Main features (Pro Unit)


• Convection, combi and steam cooking with fixed time or core probe function

• Temperature settable from 30°C to 280°C

• Manual and/or programmed cooking mode

• Data storage for the saving programs (99)

• Rapid display of free and in use positions

• Manual or automatic pre-heating mode settable up to 280°c

• Possibility to save up to 5 cooking phases per program

• Multi-function digital display with YesClima function

• Possibility to modify cooking parameters during the cycle in operation

• Instant display of set cooking parameters

• Alarms display with autodiagnosis system

• Special cycles: Rapid cooking chamber cool-down, Time extension at the end of the cooking and rapid cancellation of memorized recipes

• Manual humidity supply function

• FastSteam technology for immediate steam generation

• Automatic SCS technology (Smart Chimney System) for forced extraction of humidity

• Settable ventilation speeds (3) + pulse speed with automatic inversion of fans rotation

• 304 stainless steel molded cooking chamber

• Ergonomic and lightweight handle compliant with HACCP standards

• Frontal structure with screwless system

• Simply-removable control panel

• Simply-approachable right side

• Simply approachable motor compartment

• Integrated humidity collector aisle

• Mono-point core probe with external link to the cooking chamber included

• Integrated syphon

• Adjustable feet

• Stackable kit configuration

• Simply-removable rack holder

• Reversible door opening R/L*

• Double glass door with high thermic insulation and easy inspection with safety fan stop system when the door is open

• Halogen inner lamps in the cooking chamber

• Retractable shower included **

• Automatic washing system with monocomponent YesClean (4+1 cycles)

• Integrated mono product tank (YesClean) **


* Optional only at the order placement
** Not available for Lite unit